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Business in Q1 2021: Summary of COO

Business in Q1 2021: Summary of COO

Business in Q1 2021: Summary of COO

Compared to Q1 2020, the company’s total revenue increased by 13% and on-line growth rose by 59% in Q1 2021. Our sportsbook software saw exceptional growth – in comparison with the same quarter last year live casino thailand, web traffic has doubled. Live Sports Betting solution online/ web on all markets was the most successful offering in the overall number of tickets, with a 75 percent growth in turnover in Q1 2021.

We all demonstrate our unity through our cooperation and loyalty. In our business, we have always been known for our strong community and strong customer relations.

 We consider them to be our long-term allies with whom we prosper. In the long term, it will be our main concern to further expand the portfolio of betting games and innovative capabilities of existing betting technologies, penetrate new markets and consistency over quantity.

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Matches hardware applications

Finishing the process of merger of STARK Solution with NSoft is the greatest success marked Q1 2021. Internally casino online 711kelab TH, that changes reinforce our position both financially and in terms of the workforce by adding another source of revenues – and this is quite valuable. 

STARK has introduced a high-quality hardware portion to our diversified betting and gaming product creation market for the bet and gaming sector as a producer of premium betting terminals. This is an omnichannel provider term.

Fresh fortifications, new clients

While the lockout still triggered travel constraints, several key programmes were concurrently implemented in Q1 2021. Fifteen new clients from France, Central African Republic, the Dominican Republic, Turkey and several others entered into four new markets during the first year. 

Word of the mouth is heavy even without a presence, trade shows and very small opportunities for travelling. This demonstrates our strength and market strength. We’re leading emerging markets and simultaneously improve our position and focus on new ventures in the CEE sector that are historically strong.

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Flash sports

The Lightning Games saw the light of day in the first half of 2021. This extension to the portfolio was a sensible move in the plan to improve the offering of online channels. They have been created to provide online players a greater user experience and provide our partners with the flexibility to classify them in virtual or casino categories. 

Our partners strongly applauded the prospect of including them in both categories: virtual games and casino games. Faster and easier models of our most popular games Lightning Lucky Six and Lightning Roulette are on the throne of our product range due to their great user interface.

Lots and lots


Also a new thing in our arsenal is NSoft Lotery. We aimed to please players with this game who like to gamble on actual lottery draws around the world. So, with over 6,500 events a week from over 30 nations, we have a complete solution focused on Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed.

NSoft Slots – the brand new and thrilling gaming universe

We are unbelievably happy that our way through the slots universe has been mapped. NSoft Casino is a new feature we would like to introduce for the first time to partners who can only integrate different casino games on our site up to now. Now we have our in-house slot games and will soon be available on the market.