It’s the world upside down and this first story that we are going to tell you made us smile so much, that we could not start this new year without telling you. We will therefore first tell you about this unusual affair, but also about a jackpot of 500,000 euros won by a couple from Saint-Brieuc, at our French neighbors and at the Cash game. Welcome to a world where the game can sometimes tell strange things …

$ 25,000 from the raffle

The title may seem trivial and the gain not that incredible, especially when you know that you have recently been told about the facts of people who won several million euros to start 2018, in casinos and on machines to slot. But what is interesting to note here is that this sum was won by a fervent opponent of gambling … We have your full attention now we presume? So let’s continue …

Kathy Gilroy, the height of hypocrisy

If we talk all the time about gambling, it’s good because this universe enjoys a popularity that comes from the fact that many people leave with millions. Gambling can sometimes earn a lot of money while having fun and this is a very enjoyable area for some people who like to indulge themselves in it. And yet, there are plenty of detractors who don’t really see the good in the game and dismiss this concept with conviction and fervor. One of them made the front pages of the trade press because she strongly opposed these games. This is Kathy Gilroy.

Kathy Gilroy is therefore a fervent opponent, so to speak. She is a woman who has spent her whole life defending her cause against the supporters of this lucrative pleasure, for years and years. But where the shoe pinches this week is that this same Ms. Gilroy has as if it won a nice little sum in a draw. A situation which may seem ironic and which is nevertheless very real.

This woman who, at the base, last year, advocated addiction, bankruptcy and even crime on gambling, pocketed a small jackpot on the thing she has chased, condemned and denounced for a long time. Which remains rather unusual when we know that in her eyes, that she finds it inconceivable to mix work with this kind of mores; thus working in 2017 for the closure of a raffle when the lottery had been organized by veterans of the army, depriving them of a gain of $ 1.6 million.


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